made for the EYE exhibition – Research Lab – Archive as a place to play. 
Curator: Jyoti Mistry 
This intimate exposé draws from the archive images to create a story simultaneously about the memory of the body and the experience of the body. The question posed speaks of an object: the body as material that has its inherent potential but also the possibilities to become something else. 
A body that changes over time and, which assumes another form and identity. A new life that signals a new feeling – the feeling of being a woman. A body that is based on sexuality; ultimately it is an experience which is momentary; it is just sex, it is just an illusion. A body that sees itself as being different or displaced from normal conventions. A body that is questioning, searching for answers to prove itself. An voice over narrates these experiences which are projected into the archival material. 
The images of a couple starting a new life with their children builds an atmosphere and an ambiguous relation with the text raises questions about the specificities of the body. What was it, what is it and what could it have been?

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