Hungary, Belgium, Portugal, Finland | 17' | 2019 | DOCUMENTARY
In peaceful swampland, a solitary man crawls through long grass, wading carefully through the water. Unable to fit in with the world of humans, he prefers to spend his time with cold-blooded reptiles, caring for them with extraordinary empathy. Solitude is his way of survival but also his biggest enemy.
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 (UK) 
Helsinki International Film Festival Love & Anarchy 2019 (Finland) 
DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival 2019 (Azerbaijan) 
Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2019 (Sweden) 
Silver Eye Award 2019 Nominee, East Silver Market (Czech Republic) 
Special Mention / Short of the Year - Autumn Edition 2019 (Spain) 
Mediawave 2020 (Hungary) 
HER Docs Film Festival 2020 (Poland) 
Tampere Film Festival 2020 (Finland) 
Girona Film Festival 2020 (Spain) 
AsterFest 2020 (North Macedonia) 
Ortometraggi Film Festival 2020 (Italy) 
XXX International Film Festival Message to Man 2020 (Russia) 
Video Art Festival Turku 2020 (Finland) 
Filmschoolfest Munich 2020 (Germany) 
Ghent Viewpoint Documentary Film Festival 2021 (Belgium) 
Plons! Film Festival 2021 (Netherlands)

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